INE CCNP Ver 1.0 Lab

INE has made the CCNP ver 1.0 workbook available for free. I am working through the lab.

I’m using a combination of 4 Cisco Catalyst 3550’s with 12 USB Ethernet NICs into an Ubuntu Server that is running GNS3.

I also have 2 VMWare ESXi Servers that each have 2 NICs. I have Cisco UCM 8.1 running, and a few Windows 2008 Servers and test Windows XP Boxes. Active Directory is up and running with a handful of Users added to simulate 2 Datacenters and 2 Branch sites with full I/T services.

I would like to add (but haven’t yet) Sharepoint at one of the datacenters, and simulate a Datacenter Interconnect between the 2 dataceenters. I found it a challenge to try and implement some kind of version of an “outside wan backbone” I found here

I would also like to add to my lab are a couple of NAS/SAN boxes to get VMWare to emulate more of a real world scenario. I finished a basic NAS box using the open source FreeNAS which boot from a USB drive. It took me forever to get the USB drive working but I got it up. Link here

I would also like to SolarWinds Orion NPM. I have the base install up, but I need to finish configuring the Cisco routers with netflow.
There is also a youtube video I found recently by Solarwinds that looks good to.

I would also like to add an InfloBlox VM to see how easy it is to setup and use for IPAM.

I would also like to find a way to integrate my CUCM lab into the INE CCNP lab. The INE CCNP lab has enough room to handle ethernet and T1 private lines to create multiple ways to handle voice over IP.

The last thing I can think to add, is a part of the lab that focuses on Classes of Service or prioritizing traffic accross an MPLS network. This would be both provider side WRED and customer side. This would mean 2 different ways of handling the QoS tags.

The end result of all this work would be to see a simulated live failover environment for voice over ip, MPLS, and switched fabric to handle layer 2 failover. I would like to remove QoS inside the MPLS core and watch the call quality suffer on my CUCM test calls. I would also like to unplug or shutdown a port on a router/switch and watch the traffic re-route across a DCI link via a less preffered BGP path.

I’m adding to the list a small Hadoop lab.,the-worlds-tiniest-hadoop-testbed.aspx

Lab Pics

Crossover cable a bit messy

Crossover cable a bit messy

Mounted 6 of 12 Nics

Mounted 6 of 12 Nics

SW3 & SW4 plus a Mgmt Switch

SW3 & SW4 plus a Mgmt Switch

VMWare Access

VMWare Access


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