0.02 Frame Relay Switch Woes

The workbook is free from INE, but I can’t find the script to setup the frame relay cloud. I see the “Physical WAN Cabling” diagram, but it’s a bit hard to guess at how the PVC’s will go.



There are 2 links from R3 to the Frame-Relay switch. I’m not sure how these are configured. For a full-mesh design, you really only need 1. So I’m not sure what underlying purpose these 2 links have at this time.

Additionally, R3 has links from R2 and R1 directly connected. R3 only needs 1 link to the FRS to be able to communicate with R2 and R3. So there is some kind of separate network R3 needs to have for another purpose.

More FR Reference Info:

Looking for tips from CCIE FR configs:

It would help if I could atleast find a DLCI mapping diagram like this one.

Skipping ahead to EIGRP L3 designs. I see DLCI’s. That’s a good start.

Pg 101; separate sets of initial configurations should be loaded per the included instructions before starting an individual section.

I think I’m going to morph this whole project into something a bit more simple. I don’t want to scrap all the work I’ve done so far. I’m editing the design to something a bit more simple I can start with.


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