0.00 Home Brew Commands

conf t
!i stands for include
show run | i vty
show run int f0/8
show int f0/8 switchport

!Check L2 Traffic FWD-Check CAM table of SWs
!Compare L3 ARP on the end host, and the L2 CAM table on the SWs you can
!determine the FWD path by STP πŸ™‚
show arp
show mac-address-table dynamic vlan 20

conf t
line con 0
logg synch
no exec-timeout

no ip domain-lookup
alias exec s show ip int br
alias exec sir show ip route
alias exec sio show ip ospf
alias exec sion show ip ospf n
alias exec sien show ip eigrp n
no cdp log mismatch duplex

copy run start


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